In Toca Life: City, characters are living in a loft apartment, a cozy, 3 room house with two bedrooms and a television.

Things To Do Edit

In the loft apartment, you can cook your food, put recently bought food in the refrigerator, and do many other things, including turning off the lights to sleep, and sitting down to watch the television. (You can purchase discs from the shopping mall to put in the television and watch.)

Things in the Loft Apartment Edit

When you first enter the loft apartment in Toca Life: City, it is cluttered with many toys, books, objects, food items, and many other things. The loft apartment comes with 2 discs for the television, many food items in the refrigerator, dishes and utensils, and multiple other objects with not much use.

Sleeping and Lighting Edit

The Toca Life: City loft apartment contains two beds, one on the top, and another transforming from a sofa to a sofa bed. Two people can sleep in one bed.

The loft apartment contains many candles, lamps, and other objects used for lighting. You can turn off all of the lights and close the shutters to sleep in your bed, and you can re-turn them on by tapping them (even the candles)