In the Toca Life: City, shopping mall, there are many stores, including a grocery store, pet shop, electronic store, and a toy store.

Grocery Store Edit

In the beginning of the shopping mall, you are greeted by a store selling all kinds of food. In the middle of the grocery store, there is a wooden table crowded by vegetables, with bushels of lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, spring onions, and many other things.

Near the sides, there is a section of many loaves of breads: baguettes, normal whole wheat loaves, and multiple other kinds. On top of the bread section, there are packages of tortillas, noodles, and hotdog and burger buns. On top of that, there are a selection of spreads to go on bread.

Next to the breads, there is a coffee maker and a cup dispenser in which you can make coffee. Right next to the coffee maker, there is a frozen section, carrying juices, milks, and eggs, and underneath that, there is a selection of meats, with sausages and many other things.

Pet Shop Edit

In the pet shop, in the middle of the store, there is a selection of dogs and cats: 1 brown cat, a black and white spotted dog, a gray cat, and a brown dog. In the side of the store, there is a branch carrying birds, including 1 parrot. Near the front of the store, there is a section with snakes and many unusual animals, along with a chinchilla and two hamsters.

Electronic StoreEdit

The electronic store is a rather small store; it's only selection of products is in shelves by the front of the store. In the top shelf, there are many phones; one black, one gray, and one gold, each with different rings. In the second shelf onwards, there is a selection of computers, ipads, and discs for your television in your loft apartment.

Toy Store Edit

In the toy store, there are many selections of toys, including fire engines, globes, models of trains, airplanes, and cars, along with miscellaneous, fun objects.